August 2017 Newsletter

“Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power, in holy garments; from the womb of the morning, the dew of your youth will be Yours.” –Psalm 110:3IMG_2324

The prayer room was packed with teenagers and college students the last couple months.  Kids came from all over to attend our annual “awakening teen camps”.  Needless to say, this makes the prayer room a bit more lively – lots of dancing, noise, and interesting smells come with the kids who come.  But seriously, it is so impactful for so many of them.  In fact, lots of students who attend our Bible university started out coming to teen camps. 

Though I didn’t attend a teen camp, I remember being marked by the worship and messages coming out of the prayer room when I was 16.  It was inspiring seeing hundreds of young people who were serious about knowing the bible and living holy.  It was contagious.  After attending the “onething” conference with my youth group back in 2002, I knew I wanted to move here and be part of a people who committed to 24/7 prayer and worship.  Loretta was also marked by the prayer room when she was a teenager.  When her family moved to IHOPKC she jumped into the youth group they had every week and made lots of friends who inspired her to love Jesus.  All this to say, encountering Jesus in our teenage years is vital.  If we didn’t have older people pouring their hearts out for us, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

This is one thing in our heart for ministry.  We’re not sure when, but we’d like to start a house group for teenagers or college students sometime in the near future.  Jesus said to make disciples and what better place than in our own home.  Right now we’re focusing on our own little one.  Haven started crawling a couple weeks ago and is growing in cuteness daily.  We take her to the prayer room every Tuesday afternoon which she thoroughly enjoys.  The music and people provide so much stimulation that by the time we arrive back home, she’s ready for bed.  This last week we also had a special visitor come with us to the prayer room – my mom!  We did lots of fun outings when she was here – the petting zoo, the river city market, a street car, and an art museum.  Unfortunately, the main event while she was here was not a good one.  Our air conditioner completely broke!  Fortunately, we only had to endure one week in the hot Kansas City weather.  The entire unit was replaced last week.  The whole air conditioner experience actually taught us a lot.  For one, we found out we’re not as patient and kind as we think when we’re under pressure.  When its 87 degrees in the house and the baby isn’t sleeping, things tend to get intense.  We find out how dependent we are on the grace of God!  Secondly, it has taught us to trust God more with finances.  It’s easy to trust God when the money is flowing and nothing is breaking.  But when stuff breaks and money is tight, it forces us to acknowledge God as our Provider.

One way we’re preparing ourselves for leading a house group with teenagers and college students is through prayer.  We mentioned in a previous letter that we pray every Wednesday morning in the prayer room for young people on college campuses.  The set is from 10am-Noon every week and we encourage you to join us if you’re able to via the free webstream.  You can also watch the set in the archives as well.  More than ever before, young people are being assaulted with the spirit of this age.  We want to turn our hearts towards them and contend for the future generation!


Hearing Gods Voice

June 2017

“And the sheep hear His voice and He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out.  And when he brings out His own sheep, He goes before them and they follow Him, for they know His voice.” -John 10:3-4

Wow, a lot has happened since our last newsletter!  Haven is IMG_2233.jpgnow 6 months old and is growing daily.  She is sitting up on her own, eating solids, and rolling on her belly and back.  Everyday is a new adventure.  Just the other day, Haven discovered that our dog Pepper is really funny looking and starting laughing hysterically every time she saw her.  Needless to say, we’re having a lot of fun around here.  God is teaching us a lot too.  I recently got a hold of a book called “Translating God” by Shawn Bolz on hearing the voice of God which has really inspired us to listen to God’s voice more intentionally.  We’re coming to realize that God wants to speak to us about every sphere of our lives so that He can bring life into them.

Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to give us life and life abundantly.  It’s interesting that He spoke this in the context of hearing His voice.  Most of John 10 is Him talking about being a Shepherd and His people being sheep who Hear his voice and follow Him.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  Having an abundant life is directly related to how clearly we hear the Shepherds voice.  So many pitfalls and mistakes can be avoided if we’re intentional to listen to God everyday.  For example, a couple years ago I painted our wood deck with a product called “deck restore”.  It was a huge mistake.  A few months later our deck was peeling everywhere and now two years later, I’m having to go through the process of completely stripping our deck down back to the wood.  But would if I had slowed down and asked God about the product?  Maybe I would have avoided the product and used something different.  This may not sound very spiritual but I really believe God wants to speak to us about every area of our lives, even that kind of stuff. 

God loves to speak to His people.  He’s not intimidated by our questions.  He wants to answer. But here is the key – we have to hear God on God’s terms.  In the past, when trying to hear God, I would ask a question and then pause for a couple minutes in silence waiting to hear from Him.  That works and I will continue to do it.  But sometimes God speaks to us down the road in a way we’re not anticipating.  The answer could come through a billboard, through a conversation with a friend, through a dream, or through some other form.  The key is to be patient and to keep listening .  Sometimes the answers come years later.  The main way God speaks to us is through His word, which is why it’s so important to read regularly.  But He also speaks through other things around us if we’re listening for Him.

Family News –

  • Loretta is nannying for a nearby family two days a week in addition to being an amazing momma.  The kids she’s watching are really well behaved and the family is only two minutes away.  Praise God!
  • Seth – I finally finished my second semester of the physical therapy program. Whew, it was a tough semester!  Now that finals are over and I’ve had a break for a couple weeks, I almost feel like a different person. 
  • It’s been so refreshing having extra time together as a family.  We’re excited to hear God this Summer and gain insight into what His plans are for us in the future.  Thanks for staying connected to us!

Grace for the Humble

February 2017 Newsletter

“God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” -1 Peter 5:5-6img_2132

The Lord has been challenging us to grow in humility lately.  Humility is probably one of the hardest and rarest things to walk in.  We are born into a world where the very air we breathe is selfish ambition and self-centeredness.  The more I try to be humble the more I realize how prideful I am.  But for those who embrace it, meekness will transform our heart and conform us into the image of Jesus like nothing else.  With all the political hostility in our nation and mean comments being spoken, Jesus wants His church to be filled with kindness and gentleness.  He wants us to put others before ourselves.

Something that really helped me understand what humility is is understanding what its not.  Humility isn’t a personality trait.  It’s not being a quiet person or having a less outgoing personality.  There’s a vast difference between having humility and having a quiet demeanor.  Humility isn’t timidity.  We’re called to be bold as lions and be confident in who we are in Jesus.  Humility isn’t weakness.  Jesus had all authority in heaven and earth and He is the most humble Person in history.  So what is humility?  Simply put, I think it’s power under control.  It’s being content to live before God’s eyes alone.  It’s putting others before ourselves and being a servant with a joyful heart.  Jesus didn’t come to be served.  He came to serve! 

I’ve been trying to do this at school with my unbelieving classmates.  It seems strange to unbelievers when someone goes out of their way to help them.  “Why did you do that?”  “You didn’t have to do that,” and “Wow” are responses we’ll hear when we try to be like Jesus.  Humility isn’t just something we do in public either.  The primary place it’s really worked out is with our family.  Loretta is an awesome example.  The last couple months, she has continued to make meals, stay up late, get up early, and clean the house with a joyful heart.  She’s amazing! 

We are loving watching little Haven grow.  She can lift her head now for longer periods of time, smiles really big when we tickle her tummy, and is becoming more expressive.  Being a parent continues to be amazing.  I started my second semester of the physical therapy program in mid January and am going full-steam ahead.  It’s a lot of learning but it’s enjoyable.  My favorite class is Kinesiology, studying how the body moves and how all our muscles work.  I’m also still in the same service position on staff at the IHOPKC missions base, working in the Financial Services department at the Bible school.  This means that almost all of my hours every week (besides my time in the prayer room) are dedicated to school!  Loretta will be returning to her Nanny job for two days a week and is able to take Haven with her, which we’re very grateful for.  One thing we’re looking forward to is bringing Haven to the prayer room.  We haven’t taken her yet but we’re excited to spend time in the prayer room together as a family.  We’re even going to buy little baby ear muffs to minimize the sound because it can get pretty loud at times.  Thank you so much for your continued interest and support in our ministry here at IHOPKC.  God is doing amazing things and we are so grateful to be a part of it. 

A Child is Born

December 2016 Newsletter

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrow s in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They will not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.” -Psalm 127:4-5

img_2086Say hello to the newest member of the family! Haven Zion Wynveen, born at 2:53am on November 29th. The delivery was quite an adventure. Loretta had about 12 hours of early labor. Then around 2pm we drove to the hospital and her water broke. Finally, after another 8 hours of active labor and 1 and 1/2 hours of pushing, Haven came into the world! We brought her home on December 1st and a whole new adventure began.

So far, Haven is feeding well, sleeping well, and seems to be a pretty content baby. There’s definitely a bit of fuss here and there but it’s usually only because she’s hungry. She is incredibly cute and alert for a newborn. Also, we are pleased to see that our dog Pepper is getting along with her. The first thing our dog did when meeting Haven was rest her chin on her lap, which was really fun. Haven is now around 7 pounds, 4oz and is gaining weight every day.

Being a dad is awesome, especially around this time of year. As I look at our new little baby, I’m reminded of Jesus who became a little baby just like her. It’s amazing to think how vulnerable Jesus became for the sake of love. He too couldn’t survive without his mother’s milk. He who set the stars in the heavens couldn’t move unless others carried him. The One who was worshipped in heaven and surrounded by flaming fire shivered in a cold stable. The all-powerful God who upholds all things was placed in a feed trough. The scene gets crazier and crazier the more we think about it and that’s the point. The birth of Christ is meant to fascinate us and fill our hearts with wonder. If it’s not, we may not be looking hard enough. The lengths God went to to redeem humanity is amazing!

One exciting ministry opportunity Loretta and I had before she gave birth was serving at an orphanage that is near to the prayer room. Close to 100 hundred kids stay at the facility because their families either cannot provide for them or choose not to. About 20 staff members from the IHOPKC mission’s base facilitated a campfire and smores night for the kids. We were able to talk to them about Jesus and show them that there are people who care about them. It was an awesome experience and we’d like to do something similar again soon.

At school, Christmas break has began. It was a great semester and I’m looking forward to the next semester, but for now, It’s good to take a break and focus on supporting the family. On the IHOPKC missions base, everyone is getting ready for our yearly Onething conference. Once again, over 20,000 people will join together to worship Jesus and receive vision for the upcoming year. We encourage you to join via web stream if you’re able to. The conference is from December 28-31st and will be broadcast for free. The main sessions are at 9am, 2pm, and 7pm. Simply go to and look for the Onething live stream. Many of the intercession sets in the prayer room have been focusing on the conference. Every year we see healings, salvations, and experience the presence of God in a new way. We’re super excited to see what happens this year. Merry Christmas!

Sovereign God

November Newsletter

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His. And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.” -Daniel 2:20-21

When Daniel prayed the prayer in Daniel 2 it was a time of severe hardship for the people of Israel. Jerusalem had been invaded and many of the Jewish people taken as slaves to Babylon. The evil king Nebuchadnezzar sat on the throne as missions-globeDaniel and his friends were forced to learn the literature and culture of the Babylonians. Still, they knew God was sovereign. They knew that Nebuchadnezzar and the government of Babylon was not ultimately in control. God was. After November 8th, God will still be sovereign, all-powerful, and filled with wisdom and love. We rest in the fact that He’s in control.

As most Christians in America, we’re interested to see the outcome of the election on November 8th. It’s clear to see that both candidates are severely flawed, but in the end God can send revival to America despite who the President is. The church actually thrives under oppressive governments that resist the gospel. The underground church in China is living proof. It’s true, our society seems to be growing more wicked every year. Many are falling away from the faith as lawlessness abounds. But there is a righteous remnant in the land that is praying, walking in holiness, and remaining loyal to Jesus. God isn’t done with our nation!

On October 31, the IHOPKC community is gathering together for three days to pray, fast, and return to the Lord. Many staff members will be in the prayer room for 8 hours every day to cry out for mercy on America. We know this is a pivotal time for our nation. Whoever is elected as the next President will determine who the next three to four supreme court justices will be. Since justices are typically in position for 30 to 40 years, this will dramatically affect the laws of our nation for the next few decades. We need to pray like never before!

In personal news, Loretta is getting close to her delivery date. She’s due on November 26 so the baby could come any time now. Everything is ready. We can’t wait to meet our new little girl! I find it interesting that she will be entering the world around the same time a new president is being elected. She’s coming into a world much different than the world I entered thirty years ago. Laws have changed, immorality has grown, but God is still on the throne. I know that He will use our little girl in mighty ways to impact her generation. In school, I’ve learned a lot in the physical therapy program the last few months. Wound care, stretching, transmission precautions, mobility, and transfers are some of the topics we’ve gone through. But I’ve yet to find another Christian in my class. I kind of feel like Daniel in Babylon but I know if I remain loyal to Jesus and walk in an excellent spirit, God will use me to spread the gospel. On the IHOPKC mission’s base, the focus has been on families. Lots of messages and prayers have been aimed at praying with your spouse and training children in the ways of the Lord. One of the most enjoyable things is seeing families praying together in the prayer room. Kids of all ages are engaged in prayer, prophesy, dance, and healing. We’ll be praying together for the elections Oct 31-Nov 2 during the solemn assembly and encourage you to join us via the web-stream if you’re able to!