Love One Another

July Newsletter

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” -John 13:34-35

The church needs to share the gospel and be FullSizeRenderlight like never before.  Every week there is a new shooting or bombing in the news.  Every week, families are breaking apart.  The world desperately needs the love of Jesus.  People trapped in darkness are longing for the light, security, hope, and peace that only Jesus can give.  Who will go to them?  Who will step out of their comfort zones and live a life of sacrifice?  The church is God’s representative on earth.  They will know we are Christians by our love.

This last month has been a time of preparation.  I’ll be starting school again in August, and since the baby is due in November, we’re trying to get as much done around the house as we can before I start.  We’re also trying our best to prepare spiritually.  Being parents is a big deal, and since this is our first time at it, we’re reading lots of books and spending time in prayer to get ourselves ready.  One exciting bit of news is that I was accepted into the Physical Therapy program last week.  Out of a pool of seventy to eighty applicants, only twenty three are chosen.  I’m honored to be in the program and am believing God for awesome things.  In fact, I’m believing that many of my classmates will get saved, healed, and delivered during the program.  Loretta’s pregnancy is going well.  Though she has muscle tension and is more tired during the day, we are grateful for no morning sickness or nausea.  She’s already about halfway through.  Twenty more weeks to go!  She’s planning on working up to her due date and is enjoying getting experience with another little newborn at her job.

Things are busy at the IHOPKC missions base, as always.  We have hundreds of kids and teenagers with us for our annual summer camps.  Although we aren’t working with the kids hands on this year, we have been able to pray with them in the prayer room.  Every Friday, from 10am-Noon, we pray for children in Kansas City to experience the love of God.  It’s so encouraging to see families praying together with their kids.  I’m looking forward to doing this with our kids in the future!  One cool answer to prayer we’ve seen is in an orphanage just five minutes away from mission’s base.  Every week, various IHOPKC staff members visit the orphanage to share the gospel and play games with the kids there.   Recently, one of our staff members got an idea to put custom written songs in a bunch of teddy bears and give them to the kids.  Each child got a teddy bear with a song in it, written by someone on staff at IHOPKC.  The songs are focused on the love that Jesus has for each child.  One boy (we’ll call him Tony) plays the song almost every hour when he’s feeling lonely.  It has opened his heart to the gospel and dramatically changed the way he views the church.  Tony is answer to prayer.  He is an example of what happens when the church prays and then becomes the answer to their own prayer.

We find out whether our own baby will be a boy or a girl this upcoming Friday. We’ll be sure to tell you in our next newsletter.  Until then, we pray that God blesses you with peace and fills your heart with His love.  Lord prepare us and make us ready for all that you want to do!   


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