August 2017 Newsletter

“Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power, in holy garments; from the womb of the morning, the dew of your youth will be Yours.” –Psalm 110:3IMG_2324

The prayer room was packed with teenagers and college students the last couple months.  Kids came from all over to attend our annual “awakening teen camps”.  Needless to say, this makes the prayer room a bit more lively – lots of dancing, noise, and interesting smells come with the kids who come.  But seriously, it is so impactful for so many of them.  In fact, lots of students who attend our Bible university started out coming to teen camps. 

Though I didn’t attend a teen camp, I remember being marked by the worship and messages coming out of the prayer room when I was 16.  It was inspiring seeing hundreds of young people who were serious about knowing the bible and living holy.  It was contagious.  After attending the “onething” conference with my youth group back in 2002, I knew I wanted to move here and be part of a people who committed to 24/7 prayer and worship.  Loretta was also marked by the prayer room when she was a teenager.  When her family moved to IHOPKC she jumped into the youth group they had every week and made lots of friends who inspired her to love Jesus.  All this to say, encountering Jesus in our teenage years is vital.  If we didn’t have older people pouring their hearts out for us, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

This is one thing in our heart for ministry.  We’re not sure when, but we’d like to start a house group for teenagers or college students sometime in the near future.  Jesus said to make disciples and what better place than in our own home.  Right now we’re focusing on our own little one.  Haven started crawling a couple weeks ago and is growing in cuteness daily.  We take her to the prayer room every Tuesday afternoon which she thoroughly enjoys.  The music and people provide so much stimulation that by the time we arrive back home, she’s ready for bed.  This last week we also had a special visitor come with us to the prayer room – my mom!  We did lots of fun outings when she was here – the petting zoo, the river city market, a street car, and an art museum.  Unfortunately, the main event while she was here was not a good one.  Our air conditioner completely broke!  Fortunately, we only had to endure one week in the hot Kansas City weather.  The entire unit was replaced last week.  The whole air conditioner experience actually taught us a lot.  For one, we found out we’re not as patient and kind as we think when we’re under pressure.  When its 87 degrees in the house and the baby isn’t sleeping, things tend to get intense.  We find out how dependent we are on the grace of God!  Secondly, it has taught us to trust God more with finances.  It’s easy to trust God when the money is flowing and nothing is breaking.  But when stuff breaks and money is tight, it forces us to acknowledge God as our Provider.

One way we’re preparing ourselves for leading a house group with teenagers and college students is through prayer.  We mentioned in a previous letter that we pray every Wednesday morning in the prayer room for young people on college campuses.  The set is from 10am-Noon every week and we encourage you to join us if you’re able to via the free webstream.  You can also watch the set in the archives as well.  More than ever before, young people are being assaulted with the spirit of this age.  We want to turn our hearts towards them and contend for the future generation!


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